7000m Peaks Expedition

According to the mountaineering historian Walt Unsworth, there are 415 main tops and subsidiary summits between the heights of 7,000 – 8,000m. Some peaks at the height are famous the world over, whilst many have not been thoroughly explored or even climbed yet.

In 1990 about 176 had no recorded first ascent and today that number has fallen to about half that unclimbed peaks over 7,000m are becoming scarce. Peaks over 7,000m are spread all across the Himalaya and Karakoram. The first peak over 7,000m ever to be climbed was Trisul in India by Tom Longstaff. The UK’s leading climbing magazine, High Mountain Sports claimed that the most coveted 7,000m peak in Nepal is Baruntse.

One of the many attractions about climbing peaks in this height range is that they are much more achievable in a relatively short time. It is not necessary to have extended breaks from work and family.

7000M Expedition Program